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LA Skills Academy 

CPR & First Aid / AED Los Angeles

Learn the imperative technique of CPR—Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation—with our expert-led CPR & First Aid course. This certification program will train you in the essential protocols for delivering immediate care during heart-related crises or when an individual stops breathing.

Familiarity with CPR is imperative for everyone because emergencies demanding such a response can emerge in any location. When professional medical aid isn't available on the spot, someone who knows how to execute CPR might just save a life by warding off irreversible brain harm or fatal outcomes.

Many individuals experiencing cardiopulmonary or respiratory issues lose their lives due to bystanders' hesitation or fear of intervening, often stemming from a lack of CPR training. Taking action, even if it's basic, is preferable to doing nothing in such situations. Enroll in the CPR and First Aid training course at LA Skills Academy to acquire the necessary skills for critical interventions and make a life-saving impact.

CPR & First Aid/AED

The CPR & First Aid/AED Training Program

Following the American Heart Association's guidelines for emergency cardiovascular intervention, the CPR & First Aid/AED course is open to individuals of all ages. This course ensures that participants acquire the essential knowledge and skills to administer CPR and first aid in critical life-saving situations.

After the comprehensive completion of this training in Los Angeles, you will be primed to challenge the CPR certification exam, qualifying you for a two-year certification period. The training module is a structured four-hour classroom experience, meticulously covering the indispensable aspects needed to competently perform CPR and first aid in urgent scenarios.

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CPR Training

Master the proper techniques for assisting infants, children, and adults in need of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in various critical situations. 

This hands-on instruction includes the correct methods of CPR, along with guidance on recognizing symptoms of cardiac and respiratory arrest, chest pains, and choking. Develop the skills to intervene appropriately to safeguard the health and safety of the victim, encompassing rescue breathing techniques and the accurate administration of chest compressions.

AED Training

Should CPR not return a pulse, the next recourse is activating an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Our professional training curriculum helps individuals master how and when to apply an AED during emergent health crises. It focuses on instructing participants about the critical timing for AED application, laying out the steps for patient attachment, elucidating the device's operation in correcting heart rhythm, and interpreting when its limit is reached. Additionally, the curriculum integrates AED use with foundational CPR procedures, including chest compression and respirations.

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First-Aid Training

First aid is essential in addressing both minor incidents and urgent medical situations that demand immediate attention. 

This comprehensive training covers a range of interventions aimed at maintaining optimal patient health and safety. Participants will learn to identify and recognize wounds, from scrapes and abrasions to deep punctures and cuts. The course also includes instructions on applying appropriate treatments and dressings to prevent infection and temporarily control blood flow. Additionally, participants will receive guidance on basic methods for tending to illnesses, injuries, and other conditions that require swift and effective medical assistance.

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CPR Certification

Should you require CPR and First-Aid / AED certification or recertification, we welcome you to join our in-person classroom sessions available in Los Angeles.

Why Recertify?

Maintaining current CPR and First Aid/AED recertification is vital for ensuring you're always ready to assist in emergencies. These two-year renewals also include updated instruction on the latest American Heart Association guidelines for administering CPR, acknowledging the urgency in medical situations. A recertification acts as an ideal refresher course, allowing you to enhance and maintain your expertise.

Our recertification programs in Los Angeles are available at discounted rates for individuals holding a current CPR certification. These examinations are essential every two years for recertification purposes.

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