Patient Care Assistant Program

  What is a Patient Care Assistant Program?

You’ve probably heard the term before, but what is a patient care assistant program? In the medical world, there are so many confusing names and acronyms, and PCA might seem like one until you learn more about it. The smart people at LA Skills Academy say that it’s the same thing as a Nurses’ Aid, Nursing Assistant, or Certified Nursing Assistant.

On their site, it explains that a patient care assistant program is the classroom environment that teaches people how to become a PCA. Apparently, this is the first step into the medical world, and you can either build your new career with this program, or you can use the accreditation to become an RN later.

LA Skills Academy is a group of experts in the medical field that have gone through the process and probably even started with these same questions we have. Decades later, they’re offering nurse’s aid classes and teaching the next wave of people how to be the best possible CNA.

LA Skills Academy offers a list of online nurse’s aid classes that teach you everything you need to start your career and follow your passion. They are a woman-owned company of nurses who offer online and in-person classes that will result in you becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.

If this is something that interests you, it’s really easy to learn more about it – just visit their site and give them a call. They also have an online chat, email, or ability to text them if you would prefer that. Either way, LA Skills Academy offers the best nurse’s aid classes.