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Pediatric (Infant & Child) CPR Bixby Knolls

In the event of a pediatric medical crisis, swift and accurate response is vital. Whether a child is unresponsive, choking, or battling a severe ailment, the moments before professional help arrives are crucial. Rescuing your child in these scenarios requires fast thinking and immediate action, which can significantly alter the outcome of the situation.

Our Pediatric CPR course is designed to equip you with the skills to swiftly and effectively respond in critical situations involving children. With a focus on identifying and reacting to breathing cessation, cardiac events, and severe child injuries, this program will nurture the confidence and knowledge you need to be a crucial first responder. Our expert instructors will guide you through each step, ensuring you are prepared to provide life-saving care until professional help arrives. Join us and take the first vital step towards safeguarding children’s lives.

Endorsed by the American Heart Association, the Pediatric CPR certification training aligns with AHA's stringent CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care rules, featuring cutting-edge methodologies. This course equips learners to handle a variety of infant and child emergencies with the latest best practices.

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Pediatric CPR Course Curriculum in Bixby Knolls

This program offers a detailed instruction on how to administer CPR effectively to infants and children in times of need. The training extends over four hours, delving into the essential steps of CPR, the use of AED, and providing First Aid. It provides a blend of theoretical learning and practical exercises, ensuring that participants leave with the knowledge and confidence to handle such critical situations.

Care that is delayed means losing valuable time, particularly when a child's life is at stake. Tragically, many children do not survive emergencies due to the unpreparedness and fear of bystanders who lack the skills to perform necessary CPR. The Pediatric CPR course at Bixby Knolls Skills Academy is designed to equip you with the lifesaving techniques needed to help children in critical moments. By learning these skills, you can significantly reduce the chances of long-term harm or even death from inaction.

Pediatric CPR Skills Training

The Pediatric CPR certification class focuses on teaching the proper application of cardiopulmonary resuscitation specifically for infants and kids. Learn how to swiftly pinpoint signs of respiratory distress and heart failure as well as how to respond to incidents such as chest discomfort, choking, or a child becoming unconscious. Upon completion, you'll be well-equipped to deliver critical care promptly and effectively.

Properly administering chest compressions and providing rescue breaths are crucial skills for aiding young victims in need of emergency care. Learn when and how to apply these techniques to ensure the well-being of the children you are helping.

Pediatric AED Skills Training

Using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a critical step that could mean the difference between life and death after traditional CPR has failed.

The section on AED training specifically educates participants on the appropriate employment of this vital device for pediatric medical emergencies. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the AED operations for heart rhythm restoration in children and infants.

This training adheres to the American Heart Association's protocols concerning AED usage for infants and children in pediatric environments, using special pads designed for children under eight years or weighing less than 55 pounds. For children older than eight, AED adaptation allows for the use of adult pads.

When assisting a cardiac patient, it's crucial to know how to operate an AED in combination with chest compressions and rescue breathing. Additionally, recognizing the point at which an AED is no longer effective in restoring a patient's heartbeat is a vital skill.

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Pediatric First Aid Skills Training

The program educates individuals on delivering suitable and efficient first-aid care for an array of medical conditions and injuries demanding immediate attention.

When undergoing emergency medical training, students gain competency in addressing a range of health complications such as respiratory challenges, allergic responses, and bone-related afflictions. This includes hands-on experience in employing bandaging and splinting techniques, applying tourniquets to stem blood loss, and managing dehydration to stabilize the patient's condition before professional help arrives.


Is this Class Right for You?

Pediatric CPR training is tailored to those with the vital role of ensuring the safety and health of young children and babies. It is designed not just for parents, but also for educators, childcare experts, and any individual working with kids or infants in any professional capacity.

Quick intervention in a medical crisis can limit the extent of harm and illness, and save the life of a young child by halting an urgent condition.

Upon successful completion of these courses, students will qualify to sit the certification assessment and obtain a certification card that remains valid for two years.

For the safety of children, we request all stakeholders to enroll in the Pediatric CPR training. It's also essential for those needing to update their CPR certification, post the expiration of their two-year card validity. Make sure you're prepared to respond effectively in an emergency.

Our Bixby Knolls branch affords you a range of courses to choose from.

Should You Get Recertified?

Bixby Knolls Skills Academy advocates for regular CPR recertification. Once you've held a CPR certification for two years, it's essential to take a course again. Refreshing your knowledge ensures you stay prepared to offer life-saving care when needed. Choose from our range of CPR classes to maintain your life-saving skills at their best.

Ensuring your certification remains up-to-date guarantees you have the latest knowledge on the American Heart Association's CPR and first aid guidelines, vital for infant and child emergencies.

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