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Pediatric (Infant & Child) CPR San Bernardino

In a pediatric medical emergency, swift and accurate action is absolutely vital. From an unconscious child to a choking incident, time is of the essence. Early intervention can be the difference between life and death before first responders arrive.

The Pediatric CPR certification is a comprehensive course designed to equip you with the skills necessary to respond effectively during a pediatric emergency. By enrolling in this program, you will gain the know-how to recognize and provide immediate life-saving measures when a child experiences a breathing stoppage, cardiac episode, or severe trauma. Your competency in pediatric CPR can make a critical difference, offering reassurance and readiness to address any pediatric health crisis.

Approved by the American Heart Association, the Pediatric CPR certification program adheres strictly to the guidelines of the AHA. This course incorporates cutting-edge techniques for providing First Aid to address most frequent medical emergencies in infants and young children, up to 12 years old.

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Pediatric CPR Course Curriculum in San Bernardino

The curriculum for this course focuses on training individuals on the essential steps of CPR for infant and child care. Offered in a four-hour format, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of CPR techniques, utilization of AEDs, and fundamental First Aid strategies. The program features a blend of theoretical teaching and practical exercises, ensuring that participants are well-prepared to respond effectively in real-life emergencies.

Care delayed endangers children's lives when critical seconds are ticking away. Without the right skills, many children are left to perilous fate as unprepared onlookers hesitate to perform CPR on a young victim. Yet, the Pediatric CPR course offered by San Bernardino Skills Academy ensures you're equipped to step in and save a child's life. Don't let uncertainty be the reason for inaction. Learn life-saving techniques today and be the difference tomorrow.

Pediatric CPR Skills Training

The Pediatric CPR certification equips learners with life-saving skills tailored to infants and kids, focusing on CPR techniques, symptom recognition for respiratory and cardiac issues, as well as handling instances like chest pain, choking, and blackouts.

Proper methods for administering chest compressions and rescue breathing aid are essential for safeguarding the well-being of young individuals in distress. This information ensures that medical assistance is offered in a way that prioritizes their health and safety.

Pediatric AED Skills Training

Using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) could greatly increase the chances of saving a life if standard CPR doesn't succeed.

The segment on AED instruction in our program is designed to instruct candidates on precise AED usage for addressing different pediatric medical crises. It familiarizes participants with the AED's functionality in normalizing heart rhythms, the right moment to intervene with the device, and the correct protocols for infants and small children.

This program is compliant with the American Heart Association's AED guidelines, tailored specifically for pediatric settings. It instructs on the proper use of AEDs on infants and children, emphasizing the use of attenuated pads designed for kids under eight years old and weighing 55 pounds or less. Pads designed for adults are suitable for children older than eight years.

A combination of automated external defibrillator (AED) application, chest compression, and rescue breathing are included in training protocols. It also emphasizes the importance of recognizing when an AED may not be the optimal treatment for restoring a patient's heart rhythm.

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Pediatric First Aid Skills Training

The course covers the essentials of providing timely and suitable First Aid for a range of medical conditions and urgent injuries.

In the course, students will cover a range of medical emergencies including respiratory problems, hemorrhaging, allergic responses, burns, near-drownings, bone fractures, sprains, dehydration, and trauma to the head, face, and spinal cord. They will be taught to take timely measures such as applying splints, bandaging, and tourniquets to minimize blood loss and administer other necessary temporary aid until professional help is available.


Is this Class Right for You?

The Pediatric CPR program is tailor-made for individuals responsible for children's and infants' welfare – from parents to educators and child care professionals. It equips you with the life-saving skills to handle emergency situations with confidence.

Quick intervention in a medical crisis can minimize harm and stop a child from facing a serious health risk.

Upon completion of these courses, students are qualified to sit for the certification exam and obtain a certification that remains valid for a period of two years.

Stakeholders invested in child safety are encouraged to join the Pediatric CPR training program, which also caters to individuals seeking renewal of their CPR certifications that have lapsed after two years.

Our diverse range of classes is available at a convenient location in San Bernardino.

Should You Get Recertified?

At San Bernardino Skills Academy, we firmly advise individuals with a CPR certification nearing the two-year mark to undergo recertification. Repeating CPR courses helps to reinforce vital skills and fundamental knowledge, ensuring you remain prepared to deliver life-saving aid during any emergency involving infants, children, or adults with serious medical issues.

Ensuring recertification also means you're consistently updated with the latest guidelines from the American Heart Association on providing CPR and first aid for infants and children.

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