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Restorative Nurse Assistant

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The Restorative Nurse Assistant course, presented by Los Angeles Skills Academy, is tailored for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) seeking to enhance their expertise and advance their careers in long-term care. This RNA course is meticulously designed to equip CNAs with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver highly efficient restorative care to residents in nursing homes. With a focus on the rehabilitation team, the course provides detailed guidance on addressing diverse conditions affecting rehab residents, along with essential care procedures to support resident recovery and function. Restorative Nurse Assistants gain specialized expertise in therapeutic rehabilitation, collaborating with rehabilitation staff to support patients with restricted mobility and self-care capabilities. RNAs play a crucial role in helping patients execute tasks aimed at preserving or restoring physical function as outlined in the care plan. Course in Restorative Nurse Assistant covers (16) hours of theory and other practical applications of restorative techniques in the following information: 1.) Overview of Restorative Nursing Program 2.) Medical Overview 3.) Define the role of rehabilitation services in the skilled nursing setting. 4.) Define role of the Restorative Aide on the rehab team. 5.) Describe the care of stroke patients and feeding. 6.) Describe care of the hip fracture patient. 7.) Describe the care for compound fractures. 8.) Describe care of the arthritic patient. 9.) Describe interventions for Parkinson's Disease. 10.) Demonstrate correct posture and body mechanics when mobilizing patients. 11.) Demonstrate proper positioning seating, ROM exercises & gait assistance. 12.) Demonstrate proper transfer techniques & proper transfer techniques. 13.) Demonstrate ADL skills. 14.) Proper documentation. Course Completion Certificate: Once participant completes and pass the RNA course, an RNA course completion certificate valid for 16-hours will be provided.

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