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CNA Training: Riverside

Certified Nursing

Assistant Program

Ready to get your CNA license?

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What does CNA stand for?

In Riverside, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) plays a crucial role in the healthcare field by providing essential support to patients with their daily living activities and other medical needs. Working under the close supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), CNAs are also known as Nursing Assistants, Patient Care Assistants (PCA), or Nurse's Aids.

Many individuals in Riverside use their CNA knowledge as a stepping stone to advance their careers and become LVNs or RNs. Interestingly, a considerable number of CNAs in the area are already enrolled in nursing school programs, leveraging this profession to gain practical experience and deeper insights into the healthcare industry. Others choose to become CNAs as a way to explore and decide whether they wish to pursue further steps in their healthcare journey.

As a Nurse Assistant in Riverside, you will hold a vital position in today's healthcare landscape, possessing sought-after knowledge and skills that are consistently in demand. Our comprehensive program, developed with valuable input from educators, caregivers, and representatives from the long-term care industry, will equip you to become a skilled nurse assistant and embark on a rewarding career in the healthcare sector.

Certified Nursing Assistant Program

What is involved in CNA Training?

Get your top-notch CNA training at LA Skills Academy NAT Program in Riverside! Meet California's requirements for Nurse Assistant Training with our 60-hour theory and 100-hour clinical experience. Taught by experienced nurses, our fast-paced program prepares you for the California Nurse Assistant State Exam. Become a compassionate Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) ready for a fulfilling career in healthcare.

Get started with our nursing assistant program today.


How much do I need to pay for CNA Training?

We have payment plans available at

Our CNA tuition is $1800 and includes:

  • Explore an enriching CNA Training experience with 160 hours of comprehensive lectures and hands-on training.

  • Gain valuable insights from the NAT Textbook provided by the American Red Cross.

  • Ensure your eligibility with Live Scan Fingerprinting.

  • Boost your confidence with Practice Tests.

  • Receive personalized Education and Career Counseling to chart your path to success.

  • Connect with opportunities at the Job Fair and access Job Assistance services.

  • Stay connected and supported with Online Support throughout your journey.

Conditions Prior to Enrollment

  • At least 16 years of age

  • Valid social security number

Obligations Following Registration

  • Physical

  • TB Test

  • Flu Shot (current season)

  • Background check

Register Online

Experience the ease of 100% Online Registration, available for your convenience. Handle everything effortlessly here or simply send us your documents. The choice is yours!

Payment Plan

Presenting an economical and pocket-friendly payment scheme, tailored to assist you on your journey towards CNA training success.

Zoom Classes

Experience the convenience of attending lectures from the comfort of your home. Embrace our Zoom classes during this period of social distancing, ensuring your safety and uninterrupted learning.


Exciting job opportunities await! Attend job fairs or receive direct job referrals from us. Your dream job could be just around the corner!

CNA Training From The Best:

LA Skills Academy

Welcome to LA Skills Academy (LASA) - Founded by a passionate team of nurses from the American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training (NAT/CNA) Program. With over a decade of experience in the field, we are committed to delivering the most effective Nurse Assistant Training (NAT) Program to the Riverside community. Our goal is to provide outstanding and innovative training for NA Students, offering flexibility in schedules with traditional classroom education, online learning, and hands-on clinical training.

As an official provider of the American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training Program, LA Skills Academy is approved by the California Department of Public Health to deliver top-notch Nurse Assistant Training both online and in-person. Join us and embark on a rewarding journey towards a successful career in healthcare.

Ready to get your CNA license?

CNA Certification:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the registration files and where do I submit them?
    You may find the registration forms at
  • When are the registration files due?
    The dates are specific to the CNA program/class but here is a basic timeline of when you would be expected to submit the forms: Background Authorization: Due immediately after enrolling Physical/TB Forms: Due by orientation date Registration Forms/Enrollment Agreement: Due immediately after enrolling. You may complete all the forms online. Go to your account > Registration or
  • I submitted the files, but don't know if they went thorough"
    Once you submit a form/file, there should be a green success message that pops up by the submit button. You will also get an automated email confirming that you submit that file. If you did not receive an email, you may email to confirm that we received your files. Or chat with us on the right lower corner of your phone or screen.
  • I do not have a scanner, how do I submit the signed documents?"
    You may complete the digital form under TB, Physica, physical exam forms, covid vaccine records, flu shot records, and other medical documents should be emailed to
  • How long is CNA training?
    CNA training includes 60 hours of classroom/online theory lecture and 100 hours of supervised hands-on clinical experience at a local Skilled Nursing Facility. After successfully completing our CNA courses and passing the California Nurse Assistant State Exam, you will receive your nursing assistant certificate. Approximate time frame from start to finish: FastTrack - 1 month Part-Time Evenings - 2 months Part-Time Weekend - 3 Months
  • When are physical exams and TB tests due?
    Physical exams and TB tests for our Nursing Assistant Training (CNA Program) are due by your orientation date. If you are waiting for results and can not submit by orientation, you may submit the paperwork by the first day of class. Any other extension are provided on a case by case basis. Please call the office to discuss your options.
  • Where can I get a physical exam and TB test?
    You can get them from your primary care physician or from urgent care clinics close to you. Please be sure to print our forms and take these forms to your doctor/ clinic. Download the blank physical exam form here Here are some of the Urgent Care Clinics you can go to in the Long Beach and Valley area at a reasonable cost. You may get your physical TB test and/or Chest X-ray in these locations. WellnessMart Laboratory Testing Available in LA County, Orange County, San Bernardino County and many more locations. Open • Closes 6:30 PM Hours or services may vary Minute Clinic by CVS West Oaks Urgent Care Center20181 Saticoy StWinnetka, CA 91306 (818) 709-5700 Open • Closes 6:00 PM Hours or services may vary
  • How often would I need to get COVID tested?
    A COVID test must be taken every week and we must have a record of your results for every week you are in clinical. *Covid results must display your fullname and the result. *A negative COVID test is a requirement to attend and to continue attending the clinical. Covid results must be printed and handed to your instuctor before entering the clinical site. Individuals with no negative covid test on-hand will be sent home and will need to make up the day. Covid test collection must be within 72 hours of the clinical day. Some facilities require twice per week testing- your instructor will inform you on any special requirement of the clinical site.
  • Where can I get a COVID Test?
    To ensure quick results, we reccomend the following places: LA County LA COUNTY: ORANGE COUNTY: SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY: Walk in and appointments available. *You may choose "healthcare worker" if asked. CVS FREE TESTING *For uninsured individuals: Please try the option: Healthcare professional or exposed to get the testing for free. Second-bio Lab @ LASA - Santa Fe Springs We also have a specimen drop off at our Santa Fe Springs location. Insured students are free. You may swab and register yourself and drop off the sample at the drop box by room 101. Pick up on Tuesdays and Fridays 2pm. 24 hours turn around. For support please call (626)-537-1352 or e-mail us at
  • Do you have payment plans available?
    Yes, we have payment plans available. Refer to
  • How much is the CNA Training program?
    Our NAT tuition is $1800 and includes: 160 hours of lecture and training NAT Textbook by American Red Cross Live Scan Fingerprinting Practice Tests Education and Career Counseling Job Fair / Job Assistance Online Support *Payment Plans available.
  • There are no spots available at the moment. How can I be notified of new classes?
    To ensure that you are notified when a new class becomes available. You must be subscribled to the website. There are a few ways to make sure you will receive emails from us. 1. Create an account. Make sure you opt in for updates and emails. 2. Join the waitlist. Located at the bottom of the Classes + Pricing Page. Make sure you opt in for updates and emails.
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