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LA Skills Academy 

CPR & First Aid / AED Bixby Knolls

Become well-prepared to handle life-threatening emergencies with our CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and First Aid certification course. This training is focused on the crucial steps necessary to assist someone who experiences a sudden cardiac arrest or respiratory failure.

Mastery of CPR is indispensable for all, as life-threatening emergencies can transpire anywhere. When there are no healthcare facilities or professionals at hand, someone equipped with CPR proficiency can intervene to impede persistent brain damage or avoid the loss of life.

Countless victims facing cardiopulmonary or respiratory challenges perish because bystanders are hesitant or afraid to act, primarily due to a lack of CPR training. In such cases, it is advisable to take some form of action rather than remaining passive. Gain essential skills in CPR and First Aid through the LA Skills Academy training course in Bixby Knolls, empowering yourself to intervene effectively when it matters most.

CPR & First Aid/AED

The CPR & First Aid/AED Training Program

Aligned with the American Heart Association's emergency cardiovascular intervention guidelines, the CPR & First Aid/AED course is accessible to individuals of all ages. This course empowers participants with the skills to administer CPR and first aid in critical life-saving situations.

Once the training has been successfully undertaken, candidates will be prepared to attempt the CPR certification exam, with the certification being current for two years. The course outline entails a four-hour, in-depth, on-site session that imparts the fundamental protocols for prompt response through CPR and first aid.

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CPR Training

Acquire the correct techniques for providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to infants, children, and adults in critical situations. 

This instruction involves hands-on experience in the accurate methods of CPR, as well as learning to identify symptoms of cardiac and respiratory arrest, chest pains, and choking. Gain the knowledge to intervene effectively and preserve the health and safety of the victim, covering rescue breathing techniques and the proper administration of chest compressions.

AED Training

When immediate revival strategies like CPR fall short, employing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) becomes crucial. Detailed training is provided on AED employment during critical emergencies. Participants in the program will be well-versed in determining AED utilization timing, correctly fitting the device onto the patient, grasping how the AED restores heart rhythm, and recognizing when the device is no longer beneficial. The training also includes seamlessly blending AED operations with standard CPR methods.

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First-Aid Training

Whether dealing with a minor incident or an urgent medical situation that needs immediate attention, first aid is crucial for maintaining optimal patient health and safety. 

This training encompasses a variety of interventions, including the identification and recognition of wounds, ranging from scrapes and abrasions to deep punctures and cuts. Participants will learn to apply the appropriate treatments and dressings to prevent infection and temporarily control blood flow. The course also provides instruction on basic methods for addressing illnesses, injuries, and other conditions that necessitate fast and effective medical assistance.

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CPR Certification

Whether you're seeking initial certification or need to recertify after two years, our in-person CPR and First-Aid / AED programs at Bixby Knolls are designed to meet your needs.

Why Recertify?

Keeping your CPR and First Aid/AED skills current through recertification is crucial for always being prepared to assist in emergencies. Two-year renewals also deliver the latest American Heart Association guidelines for administering CPR, recognizing the time-sensitive nature of urgent medical situations. A recertification serves as an ideal refresher course, allowing you to brush up on your expertise.

Individuals with an active CPR certification can take advantage of lower-priced recertification programs in Bixby Knolls, as the requirement to retake examinations biennially is mandatory.

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