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CPR & First Aid / AED Long Beach

Gain the life-saving skill of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation with our CPR & First Aid course. This course equips you with essential knowledge and techniques to respond confidently during a crisis where an individual has stopped breathing or has had a cardiac arrest.


Learning CPR is crucial since emergencies requiring it can arise unexpectedly in any location. In circumstances where medical help isn't within reach, a person with CPR capabilities could effectively prevent severe and lasting brain damage or save a life.


A significant number of individuals facing cardiopulmonary or respiratory challenges lose their lives when bystanders, without CPR training, hesitate or fear intervening. In critical situations, taking any action is better than none. Enlist in the CPR and First Aid training course at LA Skills Academy to grasp the essential techniques needed for effective interventions and potentially save lives.

CPR & First Aid/AED

The CPR & First Aid/AED Training Program

The CPR & First Aid/AED course adheres to the American Heart Association's guidelines for emergency cardiovascular intervention and is open to individuals of all ages. Participants in this course gain the knowledge and skills required to administer CPR and first aid in critical life-saving situations.


After finishing the course in Long Beach, participants are equipped to undergo the examination for CPR certification, valid for a span of two years. The educational program includes a thorough four-hour live course focusing on the vital techniques required for the immediate and effective administration of CPR and first aid.

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CPR Training

Acquire the proper techniques for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on infants, children, and adults in critical situations. 


This instruction involves hands-on experience in the correct methods of CPR, along with learning to recognize symptoms of cardiac and respiratory arrest, chest pains, and choking. Develop the skills to intervene effectively to safeguard the health and safety of the victim, covering rescue breathing techniques and the correct administration of chest compressions.

AED Training

If cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) fails to yield results, turning to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) may prove vital. Our program provides detailed guidance on the optimal use of the AED in urgent medical scenarios. Attendees will gain knowledge about the timing for AED deployment, the application technique, understanding its role in rhythm recovery, and identifying when the AED cannot revive a patient. Additionally, our course encompasses the combination of AED with standard CPR techniques, enhancing lifesaving measures.

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First-Aid Training

First aid is essential for addressing both minor incidents and urgent medical situations that demand immediate attention. 


This comprehensive training covers a range of interventions aimed at maintaining optimal patient health and safety. Participants will learn to identify and recognize wounds, from scrapes and abrasions to deep punctures and cuts. The course also includes instructions on applying appropriate treatments and dressings to prevent infection and temporarily control blood flow. Additionally, participants will receive guidance on basic methods for tending to illnesses, injuries, and other conditions that require swift and effective medical assistance.

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CPR Certification

Obtain or renew your CPR and First-Aid / AED certification through our comprehensive, in-person training programs, available at our Long Beach location.

Why Recertify?

Keeping your CPR and First Aid/AED skills up-to-date through recertification is essential for always being ready to assist in emergencies. Two-year renewals also provide the latest American Heart Association guidelines for administering CPR, recognizing the importance of time in urgent medical situations. A recertification serves as an ideal refresher course, allowing you to enhance and maintain your expertise.


To support individuals with a current CPR certification, our recertification programs in Long Beach are offered at a reduced cost, given that these exams recur every two years.

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