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LA Skills Academy 

CPR & First Aid / AED Santa Fe Springs

Equip yourself with the critical knowledge of CPR—Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Our course offers in-depth training that will prepare you for certification and teach you the fundamental practices of first aid essential for helping someone during a breathing or heart emergency.


This life-preserving skill is something that every person should be proficient in since such emergencies can present themselves at any place. If medical professionals aren't available immediately, those with CPR know-how might just stop a catastrophe by saving a brain, and more importantly, saving a life.


Numerous victims of cardiopulmonary or respiratory episodes perish as bystanders, lacking CPR training, are hesitant or fearful to intervene. Taking some action, even if basic, is preferable to doing nothing in such cases. Acquire essential skills in CPR and First Aid through the LA Skills Academy training course in Santa Fe Springs, enabling you to effectively intervene when it's a matter of life and death.

CPR & First Aid/AED

The CPR & First Aid/AED Training Program

Aligned with the American Heart Association's emergency cardiovascular intervention guidelines, the CPR & First Aid/AED course is accessible to individuals of all ages. This course equips participants with the necessary skills to administer CPR and first aid effectively in crucial life-saving situations.


By the end of this course, you'll possess the knowledge and skills required to attempt the certification test for CPR, receiving credentials that last for two years. The course consists of a four-hour detailed face-to-face course, dealing with critical aspects of enacting immediate CPR and providing first aid.

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CPR Training

Master the appropriate techniques for providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to infants, children, and adults facing critical situations. 


This instruction offers hands-on experience in the correct application of CPR methods, along with guidance on identifying symptoms of cardiac and respiratory arrest, chest pains, and choking. Acquire the knowledge to intervene effectively and preserve the health and safety of the victim, including rescue breathing techniques and the proper administration of chest compressions.

AED Training

In cases where CPR is insufficient, the implementation of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is essential. Our instruction focuses on educating individuals on how to effectively utilize the AED in conjunction with CPR. Participants will receive comprehensive training on recognizing the right time to use the AED, the procedure for attaching the device, how the AED aids in reestablishing a regular heartbeat, and discerning when the device's attempts are unsuccessful. The program thoroughly addresses the collaborative use of AED and CPR skills.

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First-Aid Training

Whether it's a minor incident or an urgent medical situation requiring immediate attention, first aid is crucial for maintaining optimal patient health and safety. 


The training in Santa Fe Springs covers a variety of interventions, including the identification and recognition of wounds, ranging from scrapes and abrasions to deep punctures and cuts. Participants will learn to apply the appropriate treatments and dressings to prevent infection and temporarily control blood flow. The course also provides instruction on basic methods for addressing illnesses, injuries, and other conditions that necessitate fast and effective medical assistance.

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CPR Certification

Our Santa Fe Springs center provides in-person classes for those looking to become certified or recertified in CPR and First-Aid / AED.

Why Recertify?

Maintaining current CPR and First Aid/AED recertification is vital for ensuring you're always prepared to assist in emergencies. These two-year renewals also include updated instructions on the latest American Heart Association guidelines for administering CPR. Recognizing the urgency in medical situations, recertification serves as an ideal refresher course to brush up on your expertise.


We facilitate cost-effective recertification programs for professionals who maintain an active CPR certification, with examinations required biannually.

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