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Pediatric (Infant & Child) CPR

Anyone faced with handling a pediatric medical emergency needs to act quickly and precisely. Seconds count when a child is unconscious, choking, or suffering a serious medical condition and intervention can make a critical difference when first responders are not on scene. 

The Pediatric CPR course at LA Skills Academy can give you the confidence and peace of mind to help save a child’s life until medical personnel arrive. Students who enroll in this course will learn how to recognize and respond with the appropriate course of action when an infant or child has stopped breathing, suffered a sudden cardiac emergency, or sustained a serious injury. 

Endorsed and certified by the American Heart Association, the Pediatric CPR certification course follows the prescribed guidelines of the AHA for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care and utilizes the latest modern techniques for administering First Aid response to treat a wide range of common medical emergencies in infants and children up to 12 years of age.

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Pediatric CPR Course Curriculum

Enrollment in this course will teach students the proper technique to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on infants and children during an emergency situation. The four hour comprehensive program covers the fundamental elements for administering CPR, AED assistance, and First Aid through a combination of classroom lecture and hands-on skills practice.

Care delayed is time lost when the life of a child hangs in the balance and many young victims don’t survive a medical emergency because bystanders are unprepared to intervene, afraid they will make a bad situation worse since they don’t have the proper training to perform CPR. Learning how to administer life-saving skills to infants and children can drastically reduce the risk of long-term consequences or loss of life due to inaction and the Pediatric CPR course at LA Skills Academy gives you the necessary training to preserve the life of a child.

Pediatric CPR Skills Training

The Pediatric CPR certification course instructs how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation in infants and children. Students are trained to identify and recognize the symptoms of respiratory failure and cardiac arrest, chest pains, choking, and loss of consciousness. 

The proper techniques for applying chest compressions and rescue breathing assistance are covered in addition to when appropriate measures should be taken in order to protect the health and safety of young victims.

Pediatric AED Skills Training

The use of an Automated External Defibrillator can save a life when all efforts for administering CPR have been unsuccessful. 

The AED training portion of the course covers the correct use of this device as a response to a variety of pediatric medical emergency situations. Students are taught how the AED device works to restore normal heart rhythm, when to incorporate the device in an emergency, and proper application of the device to an infant or small child. 

This course follows American Heart Association guidelines for the safe use of an AED on infants and children through pediatric settings and attenuated pads for children under the age of eight years and weighing 55 pounds or less. Adult pads are allowed for use on children older than eight years of age. 

The use of an AED combined with chest compression and rescue breathing techniques are covered as well as learning when to recognize that an AED is no longer effective for restoring the patient’s heartbeat. 

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Pediatric First Aid Skills Training.jpg

Pediatric First Aid Skills Training

The course also instructs students on administering appropriate and effective First Aid treatment to address a variety of medical illnesses and injuries that require immediate attention. 
Respiratory issues, bleeding, allergic reactions, burns, drowning, broken or fractured bones, sprains, dehydration and injuries to the head, the eyes, mouth, neck, and spinal cord trauma are all covered as students learn how to take appropriate action and apply splints, bandages, tourniquets to prevent blood loss and other forms of  temporary emergency aid in advance of first responders arrival.


Is this Class Right for You?

The Pediatric CPR course at LA Skills Academy has been developed for parents, teachers, anyone who is tasked with the safety and well-being of children and infants. This includes child care providers, camp counselors, and anyone working in education who interacts with children or infants at any time. 

A quick response to a medical emergency can reduce further injury or illness and prevent an urgent condition from claiming the life of a young child.

Students who participate in these classes will be eligible to take the certification exam and earn their certification card which is valid for two years. 

We urge any stakeholders in the safety of a child to participate in the Pediatric CPR training course along with anyone who wishes to renew their CPR certification after the two year period on their card has expired. 

These classes are offered at our San Bernardino and Santa Fe Springs locations.

Should You Get Recertified?

At LA Skills Academy, we always recommend that anyone who has earned his or her CPR certification to recertify when their two years has come to an end. Taking this or other CPR classes again allows you to brush up on your skills and refresh yourself on the basics so you are always ready to intervene and administer appropriate urgent care when an infant, a child, or an adult is suffering a serious medical emergency. 

Recertification also ensures that you are always current with the most recent updates to the American Heart Association recommendations for administering life-saving CPR and performing first aid for infants and children.

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