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Pediatric (Infant & Child) CPR Santa Fe Springs

In the case of an emergency involving a child, swift and accurate action is crucial. Every second when a child is unconscious, in a choking situation, or grappling with a severe illness, can be pivotal before professional help arrives.


The Pediatric CPR course equips you with the skills needed to respond swiftly in a child's medical emergency. Enroll in our program and gain the knowledge to identify when a child is in distress and apply the right techniques to keep them safe until professional help arrives. This comprehensive training covers everything from breathing cessation to cardiac events and accident injuries, ensuring that you're prepared to take life-saving actions.


Endorsed and certified by the American Heart Association (AHA), the Pediatric CPR certification course meticulously adheres to AHA's CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care guidelines. It leverages contemporary methods to teach the latest First Aid procedures, equipping participants to address various familiar medical emergencies in infants and child populace spanning up to the age of 12.

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Pediatric CPR Course Curriculum in Santa Fe Springs

This program provides a thorough understanding of infant and child CPR, essential for anyone who might need to respond to an emergency. The comprehensive course lasts four hours and includes essential CPR skills, AED operation, and general first aid. Participants will engage in both classroom learning and practical, hands-on training to master these life-saving techniques.

Care delay is time lost when a child's life is at stake and many young victims don't make it through an emergency due to bystanders' unpreparedness. People often hesitate to intervene without proper CPR training, despite the urgency. Acquiring the skills to assist children in critical moments can significantly lower the risk of severe outcomes, and Santa Fe Springs Skills Academy's Pediatric CPR course is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge to save a child's life.

Pediatric CPR Skills Training

The Pediatric CPR certification educates on the essentials of administering CPR to infants and children. It equips learners with the skills to swiftly identify symptoms of respiratory failure, heart issues, choking, and fainting and respond effectively.

Proper techniques for administering chest compressions and rescue breathing assistance are described, along with guidance on safeguarding the well-being of children during emergencies.

Pediatric AED Skills Training

Using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) comes into play when traditional CPR attempts have not been effective and it can be a life-saving intervention.

The section on AED training in our curriculum emphasizes the proper utilization of the device in various pediatric medical crises. Participants will learn the intricacies of operating an AED to regulate a child's heart rhythm, recognize the critical moments to deploy the device, and apply it correctly for infants and small children.

This program is aligned with the safety procedures of the American Heart Association for administering AED treatment to infants and youngsters in pediatric environments. It's important to note that for children under eight years old or weighing 55 pounds, the AED usage should be accompanied by specialized pads. Children over the age of eight, however, can be treated with the standard adult pads.

When administering first aid, knowing the precise moment to utilize an AED, perform chest compressions, and implement rescue breathing is crucial. Equally important is understanding when these methods aren't sufficient to restore the patient's heartbeat.

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Pediatric First Aid Skills Training

The program trains individuals to deliver suitable and efficient first-aid responses for a range of urgent medical conditions and injuries. 

Students learn a comprehensive set of skills that enable them to promptly respond to various health crises. The focus is on recognizing and treating respiratory problems, controlling bleeding, managing allergies, handling burns, responding to drownings, and dealing with injuries to the bones, muscles, and tissues. This training also includes teaching students to stabilize a patient using simple medical equipment and techniques, until professional help arrives.


Is this Class Right for You?

The CPR training program designed for learners focuses on pediatric life-saving techniques. It is tailored for an array of individuals, including guardians, educators, and child support workers, who engage with children or infants, ensuring they are equipped to provide immediate and effective care in an emergency. 

Rapid intervention during a medical crisis can limit additional damage or sickness and avert the urgent danger that could fatally affect a small child.

Upon successful completion of these courses, students are entitled to sit for the certification examination and acquire a certification card that remains valid for two years.

Stakeholders interested in child welfare are encouraged to sign up for Pediatric CPR training, as well as individuals seeking to refresh their CPR certification, which is necessary every two years after the initial issue.

The range of courses is available at our Santa Fe Springs site.

Should You Get Recertified?

At Santa Fe Springs Skills Academy, we firmly advocate for re-certifying your CPR skills at the two-year mark. Refreshing your training ensures you maintain your life-saving competencies, providing critical care with confidence in any emergency involving an infant, child, or adult. 

Ensuring recertification means you stay abreast of the latest American Heart Association CPR and first aid guidelines for infants and children, keeping your knowledge up to date with current practices.

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