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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA): A Smart First Step

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

It's an excellent time to start a career in healthcare, especially as a Certified Nursing Assistant. A Certified Nursing

(CNA) also called Nurse Tech, Patient Care Technician is a vital member of any healthcare team. The rest of the team depends on the CNA to get detailed information that's important in making decisions for patients. A CNA not only helps the healthcare team, but they help patients also. Patients often see the CNA most often and count on them for assistance.

Many people don't realize how important the role of the CNA is to patient care. A CNA develops a rapport with their patients and families. Additionally, people aren't familiar with the kind of training and licensing a CNA must-have.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth for CNAs is projected to increase by 20%. Salary growth is expected to be at 19%. Because a CNA position requires certification, jobs are limited to those who have gone through training. Meaning, a CNAs job can’t be performed by just anyone—making a CNA certificate a valuable investment.

10 Reasons to Start a Career as a CNA

Are you thinking of becoming a CNA, but are unsure of the benefits? The following information might help to convince you!

1- Job Stability

As stated previously, job growth for CNAs is predicted at a 20% growth, and pay is projected to rise at 19%. Why? Because the nation's population is aging.

According to the Urban Institute records and projections, the nation's population of people ages 65 years and older will double in the next half a century. The population of oldest people,

ages 85 and older, will quadruple in the same amount of time. This population group will require the most significant amount of medical care, making the demand for CNAs grow. In short, a responsible CNA will most likely never be out of a job.

2- Job Flexibility

Most healthcare facilities are 24/7, giving CNAs great job flexibility. CNAs have the option of choosing shifts that are most convenient for their lifestyle. There are even CNAs who work with 9-5 private practice clinicians or health clinics that have each weekend off.

Whether you’d like to work full-time, part-time, or on-call, there are options for all types of work. CNAs can also be hired for private home care, residing with families to care for a family member.

3- Work Benefits and Bonuses

Because CNAs often work in healthcare, they often have great health benefits such as dental, health, and vision insurance. Many employers also provide disability insurance and profit-sharing.

Depending on the facility you work for, you may even have the option of overtime or Holiday pay. CNAs are in demand, and opportunities for overtime may be frequent. These options can make a big difference with your salary.

4- Employable Work Experience

Nursing is one of the most trusted professions in the nation, and being part of a nursing team makes you trustworthy in the eyes of other employers. Other employers will see that you were able to work well in an emotionally and physically demanding job. People are aware that a CNA must be responsible, trustworthy, diligent, and can follow directions—all characteristics of a potential employee. A CNA job also proves your professionalism because you're able to work with doctors, nurses, and administrative staff daily.

If you ever decide to move out of a CNA career, your time as a CNA makes you a prime candidate for another employer.

5- Rewarding Work Experience

A CNA has a tough job. You often work with sick people and their worried families. But, +++in these situations, you meet wonderful people. You also get a larger peek into the lives of other people, and you grow a more comprehensive understanding of others. When you work as a CNA, you become kinder, more accepting, and much more patient.

You also end your days feeling a sense of fulfillment, sure in yourself that you made someone’s day just a little brighter.

6- Consistent Salary

Being a CNA involves hard work. Although a CNA always deserves to be paid more, the nation's median salary for a CNA is $29,000. That doesn't include the benefits or overtime that CNAs frequently have.

7- Networking and Connections

CNAs are exposed to other professionals, many of whom can provide references or refer them to other job opportunities. Being a part of a healthcare team provides CNAs a way to demonstrate their professionalism and smarts, letting other members know how valuable they are.

These other professionals typically have higher qualifications and can offer network connections. They can also provide mentorship and guidance throughout your career, allowing you to grow.

8- Reasonably Priced Education

When higher education is seeing astronomical prices, it's refreshing to see becoming a CNA takes a fraction of the time and costs compared to other careers. A CNA education is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to start a career in healthcare. And, because it doesn't take years to accomplish, you're more likely to finish it. You can start making money as a CNA soon after you receive your certificate.

9- Transferrable Credits and Education

Many people who become CNAs use it as a way to introduce themselves to healthcare. Curious about becoming a nurse, physician's assistant, or a doctor, they become a CNA to begin the process.

It's not a bad idea to do so. The classes taken as a CNA can be useful for further education, other careers, or even in your day to day life caring for loved ones. And, compared to different kinds of advanced degrees and certificates, it's very affordable.

10- Quick Acceptance into Nursing Programs

Are you looking to start a career as a Registered Nurse? Getting experience as a CNA makes the process faster. Nursing schools often look for students who have experience with healthcare, especially those who understand medical terminology and patient care.

Becoming a CNA

If you're looking for a career in healthcare, becoming a CNA is a great option. Whether you see it as a lifelong career or a starting point to other possibilities, a CNA job is recession-proof and full of opportunities!


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