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Pediatric (Infant & Child) CPR Encino

In a pediatric medical crisis, swift and accurate action is crucial. When moments are critical and a child faces conditions like being unconscious, choking, or other severe ailments, knowing what to do can be the difference between life and death. This is particularly important in situations where professional help is not immediately available. 

The Pediatric CPR course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and abilities to effectively respond in emergencies involving children. Enrolling in this program can give you the assurance and skills needed to provide life-saving aid, should the need arise. You'll learn to identify the signs and symptoms of children facing respiratory distress and cardiac emergencies and to apply the correct interventions promptly. With our expert guidance, you can prepare to take swift, confident action until professional medical help arrives. 

Endorsed by the American Heart Association and designed to ensure pediatric well-being, this CPR certification course is tailored to the latest AHA standards. It incorporates state-of-the-art methodologies to impart First Aid, crafted to handle routine child health crises with precision for youngsters up to 12 years old.

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Pediatric CPR Course Curriculum in Encino

The course is designed to instruct participants in the correct method of administering CPR on children and infants in an emergency. Over four hours, trainees will cover essential CPR techniques, how to use an AED, and the basics of first aid. This mix of classroom learning and practical application ensures an extensive understanding of life-saving procedures.

Delayed care can be fatal for a child in an emergency, especially when bystanders are fearful or unprepared. Gaining the confidence and knowledge necessary to administer CPR to children and infants dramatically increases the chances of a positive outcome. With Encino Skills Academy's comprehensive Pediatric CPR course, you can learn the life-saving skills that can make all the difference in a crisis.

Pediatric CPR Skills Training

The Pediatric CPR certification program teaches proper techniques for performing CPR on infants and kids. Participants learn to spot signs of respiratory distress, heart failure, choking, and unconsciousness in young victims.

Proper administration of chest compressions and rescue breathing is detailed, alongside guidelines for ensuring the well-being of young individuals during emergencies. Make certain that all life-saving interventions are age-appropriate and prioritize the safety of the child.

Pediatric AED Skills Training

The timely deployment of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is critical to saving lives in cases where CPR alone has not succeeded.

The AED training module focuses on equipping learners with the skills to effectively respond to pediatric medical emergencies using the automated external defibrillator (AED). Instruction includes understanding AED operation to promote a normal heart rhythm, integrating the device appropriately during an emergency, and ensuring the safe usage of infants and young children.

This program adheres to the protocols defined by the American Heart Association regarding the proper application of an AED with pediatric patients. It emphasizes the use of smaller pads for children under eight years and 55 pounds and advocates the use of adult pads for children over the age of eight. 

When performing first aid, it's critical to employ an AED alongside CPR and airway management, including identifying when an AED becomes insufficient to revive a person's heartbeat.

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Pediatric First Aid Skills Training.jpg

Pediatric First Aid Skills Training

The training ensures that participants learn how to deliver the correct and efficient first-aid procedures for a range of urgent medical conditions and injuries.

Training for medical emergencies prepares individuals to respond effectively to a wide range of incidents, including respiratory problems, allergic responses, and trauma to the head and spine. It equips participants with the knowledge to administer immediate assistance through the application of bandages, tourniquets, and other first-aid measures, pending professional medical care.


Is this Class Right for You?

The Pediatric CPR program is tailored for guardians, educators, and caregivers responsible for the health and care of young ones. It is designed for child caretakers, camp supervisors, and educational professionals who regularly engage with infants or children, ensuring they have the necessary life-saving skills at their disposal.

Ensuring a rapid response in a medical crisis can minimize the risk of additional harm and halt the progression of an urgent condition that might otherwise be life-threatening for a child.

Upon completion of these courses, students can qualify for the certification exam, and upon success, they will receive a certification card that holds a two-year validity.

Stakeholders concerned with child safety are encouraged to enroll in our specialized Pediatric CPR training. It is also perfect for those looking to renew their CPR certification after their current one expires, ensuring constant readiness for emergencies.

Our course selection is available at the Encino venue.

Should You Get Recertified?

Encino Skills Academy advocates for timely CPR recertification to ensure that those with expiring credentials stay proficient. Revisiting CPR courses provides a valuable opportunity to reinforce knowledge and maintain readiness to offer critical assistance in emergency scenarios, for individuals of all age groups.

Ensuring recertification allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest American Heart Association guidelines on delivering crucial CPR and first aid care for infants and kids, keeping your skills current and effective.

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