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7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Career as a CNA in 2021

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Career as a CNA in 2021

March 30, 2021

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) has become a fast-growing and rewarding career opportunity during the past decade. CNA’s are indeed valuable members of the healthcare system for numerous reasons. Certified Nurse Assistants work directly with patients and their families, hence they are the ones who interface with patients' the most. With time a CNA and a patient create a strong emotional connection with one another.

With regards to the best points of the CNA certification (compared to other nursing programs), you do not need to have a post-secondary education to master the program. Therefore, facilities offer one of the highest salary rates for this category of people with a CNA license. The average CNA salary in California is - $36 342 per year as of 2020.

Did you know that California is the state with the highest employment level of CNA’s?

Let’s underline the seven strongest points that make this job so attractive.

  1. Short program time-frame and affordability. In comparison with other nursing degrees, the CNA program has a competitive advantage by offering fast-track and affordable terms for applicants. Students can complete the education as soon as in 6-8 weeks and this time-frame is enough to get ready for the state exam. CNA program is perhaps the quickest and most affordable pace to get into the healthcare system.

  2. Pandemic-proof. Over the course of time, the healthcare system opens up more and more opportunities for nurses. A Certified Nursing Assistant is proven to be a fast-developing, high-in-demand, and stable career choice. With the current unpleasant global reality, while lots of nursing facilities and hospitals are experiencing a serious shortage, CNA's remain at the highest demand level. While millions of people are losing jobs, nurses can sleep soundly as no matter where the economy of the country stands, they should not worry about losing a job.

  3. Ability to balance work and personal life. Another enticing point in being a CNA is the ability to schedule and choose your shifts. You can choose the minimum number of hours to work per day or work overtime as well as on holidays for additional bonuses. This is the ultimate job to better balance personal and professional lives.

  4. Great start for a healthcare career. With affordable program prices and a short time-frame, CNA is the optimal choice for the first step into the healthcare system. Becoming a CNA will allow you to gain essential experience that will facilitate easier enrollment in various nursing programs in the future. You will build not only experience but also vital connections with nurses of higher qualifications.

  5. Mindful job. To become a CNA you indeed need to be a mentally and physically strong individual human being. Helping and assisting vulnerable ones is not an easy task. Nurses dispense comfort and compassion, and that is why they are so valuable. However, through care and assistance, CNA's often build a strong connection and friendship with their patients which is emotionally rewarding.

  6. Variety of daily routines. Being a CNA means experiencing something new every day. You will constantly interact with new people, experience new settings, and of course, new emotions!

  7. Career change opportunity. After gaining an experience as a CNA, you may have a better picture of which direction you may prefer to move on. You will have various options for your next steps.

CNA program is getting more and more popular each year. In some way, this is a unique and easy opportunity to get into healthcare. Starting as a CNA will help to explore which part of nursing attracts you the most, gain valuable connections, and build your life per your ambitions. After gaining experience as a CNA, you will be able to proceed with more advanced nursing programs or even get an MSN or Ph.D. in Nursing. But what is the most special and valuable in being a CNA - is that you have the ability to touch and improve so many lives!

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