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In-Demand Careers: CNA Training for Your Career Goals

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

If working in the healthcare industry has been a goal for your career, CNA training is an efficient way to get started on your journey. Certified Nursing Assistants are in high demand across a wide range of medical field. Finding the best training program to meet the challenges that CNA's take on each and every day can make all the difference in setting too! By selecting the right CNA program, your career path will be easier and faster to achieve than ever.

LA Skills Academy offers CNA training online and in-person for students who have a career goal in mind and those who wish to pursue a career in the medical industry but may not yet have a specific career path ahead.

Hands-on Experience

Hands-on Experience

A CNA training program is the ideal introduction to the healthcare industry because it affords so many opportunities to learn through experience. Classroom education is a vital component of CNA training. But when you have the ability to work in the environments that you will enter after your training, with real-world scenarios and the challenges they represent, you have the chance to put your teaching into practice. Learning as you go, getting a feel for the fast-paced world that CNA's encounter is a great experience.

CNA's in training get a chance to experience what the job entails across multiple facilities and situations from nursing homes and hospice care to pediatrics wards and surgical hospitals, and everything in between. In these environments, you will develop and sharpen your skills through hands-on experience, developing your expertise and informing your decision for the path forward toward the career goal that appeals to you most.

The Responsibilities of a CNA

Gaining hands-on experience in real-world situations is vital for a well-rounded training program to give you a taste of the many different roles and responsibilities that CNA's are expected to take on through the course of a shift. No two days are alike for a certified nursing assistant. Working outside of the classroom towards fulfilling your training will not only help you to decide which type of environment speaks to you, but to understand how your contributions as a CNA play a vital role in positive health outcomes of your patients.

In order to accomplish the tasks that promote these outcomes, CNA's can take on a range of responsibilities that focus on helping patients remain comfortable and healthy. These typically include grooming and bathing patients, providing assistance with toileting, turning and repositioning the patient in a bed or transfering to a wheelchair. Other skills and responsibilities also include checking vitals, addressing patient concerns and questions, serving meals, documenting patient information and ensuring complete patient privacy under HIPAA compliance. And most importantly, the number one responsibility of a CNA is to establish and develop a bond with the patient through clear communication and always showing compassion for those who need assistance.

These are just some of the responsibilities that CNA's face on a daily basis. It can be as stressful as it can be rewarding to the right individual who is properly prepared to take on the multi-faceted challenges that come with working in a chosen healthcare industry.

Protecting Yourself and Your Patients

A CNA training program will teach you how to provide the vital care needed for patients.Positive patient outcomes start with preserving your health and following best practices for treating illness and preserving health and safety by taking preventative steps to reduce the risk of spreading germs.

Many of the healthcare environments in which CNA's work must be kept completely sterile as germs can threaten the health of at-risk patients who are susceptible to infection. CNA training programs give you the necessary skills for preventing the spread of germs and disease to minimize the potential for infection. No matter where your career in the healthcare industry takes you, learning and practicing these skills remains a cornerstone for success in any medical environment.

CNA Training

The Benefits of Enrollment in a CNA Training School

Many medical professionals from physicians to surgeons to specialists across a range of medical disciplines all started on the path to their career goals by first enrolling in CNA training school. This is due to the hands-on experience CNA training offers. There is also plenty of classroom and lecture time to interact with professors and teachers who have all worked in multiple healthcare fields. These are working professionals who have spent time in the industry and educate their students with an expertise that only those who have spent time and worked in every possible situation on an average shift can bring to a classroom setting.

Theories and hypotheses are an essential part of any education. Learning from working professionals who can offer further insight into suppositions and potential scenarios give students a deeper, more enriched and detailed account of what to expect when embarking on a career as a CNA.

Preparing Students for Certification

CNA training will also prepare you for the certification process without taking up much time in your busy schedule. Classroom lectures and working in a clinical setting will give you all the necessary tools for working in the industry and obtain your CNA license to find employment in the jobs you want.

CNA training programs from LA Skills Academy can take as few as four weeks to help you get certified and we offer classes throughout the Los Angeles area that can be attended on evenings, weekends, any time that fits in with your schedule. Students who want to focus solely on their training have access to courses that can be completed as quickly as possible.

Whichever pace you choose, you can be assured that LA Skills Academy will help you jump-start your career as a certified nurses aide and reach your career goals with success. Give LA Skills Academy a call today and get started on the rewarding career path you’ve always dreamed of.

Apply for a CNA program with Los Angeles Skills Academy! Find a CNA training location near you. Our nurse-instructors baked with a valuable experience from the American Red Cross will make your education process enjoyable.

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