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From Caregiver to Certified: How CNA Training Can Transform Your Life

Caregivers play a vital role for ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of the patients in their care. While the support of a skilled caregiver is a critical component for helping patients manage the symptoms from a variety of illnesses and conditions, a caregiver is unable to carry out medical services.

Instead, caregivers assist patients with performing activities of daily living (ADL's) like going to the bathroom and maintaining basic hygiene, preparing and eating meals, and dressing. They also keep track of a patient's medications and monitor their daily intake to ensure the correct prescriptions are being taken at the proper intervals per day.

Caregivers also provide companionship to prevent loneliness or depression in patients who live alone and have no other immediate family or friends to look in on them. A solitary existence can have a significant negative impact on the health and well-being of anyone, whether or not they are dealing with symptoms of a long-term illness that requires routine care. A caregiver will typically form lasting relationships with his or her patients, the bond enriching the lives of both individuals in the process.

Working as a trusted and valued caregiver does not require a degree and only certain states have laws in place that require a certification course be completed prior to the start of employment in caring for patients.

However, caregivers do learn specialized skills for improving patients' quality of life by helping them manage symptoms and avoid further injury or setbacks in recovery with compassion and attention to detail. In these ways, caregivers can become educated in nutrition guidance and learn communication skills while gaining experience in working with patients who have specific types of disabilities.

But despite all of the options available for training, certification, and experience in helping care for patients, caregivers are limited in their capabilities for providing medical care.

The Advantages of a CNA Training Program

If you are a caregiver with aspirations towards a long-term career in healthcare, becoming a CNA can expand your horizons and offer a multitude of new, rewarding opportunities in the healthcare industry.

Enrollment in CNA classes like those offered at LA Skills Academy can help

you realize your dream of working as a nurse or choosing any of the many different paths that you will find available to you after completing the course and earning your accreditation.

CNA's work as assistants to registered nurses and licensed practical nurses performing many of the duties that caregivers are expected to carry out such as taking vital sigans, recording and analyzing the results, reporting test results to supervisors, communicating with patients, assisting in ADL's, helping patients maneuver and reposition in bed, moving patients to and from wheelchairs if necessary, serving meals, and administering medications as permitted by law in certain states.

Life-Changing Results

Obtaining your CNA certification is the first step in a career trajectory that can position you to on the path to becoming a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse and gain a wide range of experience across multiple fields of the healthcare space. You don't need a degree either as a CNA certificate is sufficient for getting hired for entry-level and more advanced positions. In Los Angeles Skills Academy, there are no high school diploma or GED required to take the CNA training course.

Should you decide that you want to gain as much experience as possible, CNA's have the opportunity to work not just under registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, but also alongside physicians, nurse practitioners, and a full spectrum of healthcare personnel. All of whom can offer valuable insight and education for performing as part of a medical team and solidifying lasting working relationships that can also help you succeed in the healthcare field of your choice. 

Your CNA certificate allows you to take on more tasks in a variety of specialty areas so you can get a taste of every type of specialty that exists for nurses and their assistants. If there is a certain area of expertise that particularly interests you, a CNA certification is your ticket into the educational program that best prepares you to foster that specialization. Whether your interest is pediatrics, oncology, acute care, cardiology, you name it, earning that CNA certification instead of a degree (for now) will allow you to start moving forward with your career faster and more confidently.

Freedom to Work Across Many Sectors

The CNA certificate you earn today will get you more employment interviews in the future and that's important because job stability for CNA candidates is at an all time high. Now, more than ever, CNA's are in high-demand as more

Americans are growing older and they require medical assistance either in the home or at a care facility.

Perhaps you thrive best in the fast-paced hospital setting or maybe you prefer to work in a nursing care facility. Completing a CNA training program won't just prepare you for both situations but your certificate will show others that you have the skills and ambition to try out multiple disciplines and see which of them is the best fit. 

For those who want the flexibility to change careers from one field to another or simply enjoy having the choice to do volunteer work or even part time employment, CNA's can select their work shifts to fit more easily with their schedules in order to find time to take on other rewarding pursuits in the healthcare space.

Make the Change Today

Are you ready to transform your life through new opportunities, new working relationships, and new chances for advancement in your chosen career path? If the answer is yes, then it's time to call LA Skills Academy and enroll in one of the many CNA programs being offered in cities throughout Southern California. These classes can give you the education you need to succeed and at a lower cost than a degree from a traditional college. CNA's are highly sought-after, making this a stable position with long-term job security. What are you waiting for? Take the first step towards earning your CNA certificate and start on the path for a life-changing career.

Easy enrollment process and unlimited support during and after your education. Master the program as soon as in 4 weeks, get your CNA license, attend our job fair, and get employed immediately. Experience the class and read LA Skills Academy reviews

Get started now!

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