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The Insider's Guide to Landing a Job as a Certified Nursing Assistant

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) roles are currently experiencing a remarkable surge in demand. Whether you're embarking on a fresh career journey or considering a transition from another field, the prospect of working as a CNA is incredibly promising. It offers not only the chance to contribute positively to the lives of others but also the opportunity to secure a stable and gratifying career. While it's true that breaking into the world of CNAs might seem like a formidable challenge, remember that challenges often pave the way for remarkable achievements. Your dream of becoming a CNA is entirely within reach. In this post, we are excited to share with you an insider's guide that will steer you toward successfully landing that CNA position.

Get Certified

The very first step towards becoming a CNA is enrolling in a nursing assistant program, which will prepare you to take the certification exam. Look for an accredited school or program that will offer a comprehensive curriculum to prepare you for your role as a CNA. LA Skills Academy is an accredited nursing school with an outstanding CNA training program that offers flexible class schedules and affordable payment plans.


While it's true that networking plays a vital role in any job search, it is particularly important when it comes to landing a CNA job. Reaching out to employers, nursing professionals, and even asking for help from family and friends to let them know you are searching for a CNA role.

Another option available is to attend job fairs and industry events. With the advancement in technology and social media, joining online nursing forums and groups are common practices now too! Nursing schools like LA Skills Academy hosts job fairs each month for current students and graduates. By doing this, students and employers are given the opportunity to network with each other. Students are also saved from the hassle of finding a job with the help of their nursing program.

Do Your Research

There are plenty of healthcare facilities that hire CNAs. The main difference between each place isn't just their offered wage and benefits. It can also be working hours and work culture. With this knowledge, do your research on your prospective employers, find out more about their working conditions, and employee benefits. In addition to this, you can keep an eye out for job openings by visiting websites that specifically has job listings for CNAs. Websites like are good tools to utilize during the job hunting process.

Here at LA Skills Academy, we have partners offering competitive rates exclusive to LASA students.

We are just a phone call away, and we will match you with an employer eager to hire you.

Prepare for Your Interview

Once you score an interview, make sure that you are well-prepared. Like mentioned before, do your research. Find out the interview questions CNAs are frequently asked. During this time, practice asking yourself these questions and develop a well phrased answer. Dress the part, demonstrate your clinical skills, and have a positive and professional attitude.

Don't Take Rejection Personally

Undoubtedly, you will face some rejections along the way before landing a CNA job. Don’t take this personally, instead of brushing it off, and use it as motivation. Ask for feedback from your interviewers and improve areas that they highlight.

Landing a job as a CNA can be a fulfilling experience for those who love helping others. The demand for CNAs continues to grow, which is excellent news for those trying to break into the field. However, it takes considerable planning, effort, and perseverance to land a job as a CNA. The tips outlined in this post will help you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of landing that coveted CNA role. Whatever you do, do not give up, keep striving, and believe in yourself!

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